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How can a car owner save money while maintanaing their car in good running condition?

Hi friends i am new to own a car recently gift by my father on my last birthday..

Can i save my money on it maintanance and how .

Share some tips please.

3 Answers

Do not carry too many things in the trunk. Reduced weight saves fuel, improves mileage.
Follow the maintenance schedule. Regular oil and filter changes make the car run more efficiently.
Rotate the tires every 6,000-7,500 miles. If you distribute tire wear evenly, you’ll get the maximum life out of them.

1) Be patient during the break in-period.
2) Always drive with care.
3) Preserve your car during long-term storage.
There are various other points that requires due consideration in maintaining your vehicle, for all those considerable points you can have a look on here experts can answer your question related to you vehicle.

To improve your car’s performance, car repair is a must with scheduled maintenance. To save money on car maintenance there are a number of blogs and articles available on the Internet that elaborate tricks and tips to avoid engine major problems with some minor DIY. Some valuable engine maintenance tips that you can understand easily are at page.

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