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How can I Remove Stink Bugs From my Home?

What's the best thing to do to get rid of Stink Bugs from your House?

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Pests such as bugs love to stay in our homes and gardens that is why it is very important to know what kind of pests are living in our homes so that proper elimination can be done and we can avoid them from going back into our houses again. Stink bugs are very common and from the name itself, they do stink when they pester our houses around. They are destructive little creatures that can do so many devastating effects in our homes especially in the gardens.

The reason why stink bugs have very undesirable scent is that they emit noxious substances in their bodies through the glands located underneath which is used to communicate with other stink bugs and scare predators away. Having stink bug invasion in the house is certainly unpleasant due to their stinky scent.
Planning on the elimination of stink bugs may need the assistance of pest control experts but here are some of the things you can do if you are invaded by these nasty little creatures.

1. Remove the weeds from your garden –
Weeds are the favorite of pests. Stink bugs love to stay under the weeds and they use weeds to cover and protect themselves. These bugs lay eggs on the weeds too that is why removing weeds definitely helps a lot. It should also be the first step to be done when planning stink bug pests removal.

2. Apply kaolin clay –
These natural mineral are technically harmless for your homes but stink bugs hate them. Applying kaolin clay around your houses and spraying your plants with kaolin solutions prevent stink bugs from laying eggs in the plants. In this way, stink bugs can be controlled properly. Do not worry if you have vegetables in your garden because kaolin clay are easily washable and harmless for your crops.

3. Seal the house using caulk seal –
Once stink bug invasion is noticed, apply right away caulk seal to prevent the infestation in getting worse. Vacuum the bugs and do not crush them as their scent will attract more stink bugs to pester your houses. Use a vacuum and dispose the trash properly by putting it in a sealed plastic bag and throw it in the garbage.

4. Ask professional help –
If the infestation is so severe, you can ask professional help. You will be assisted by professionals who know exactly what to do. They can apply insecticides in your homes while protecting your homes and crops from stink bugs.

Stink bug removal may take quite a while since you have to do the process all over again to make sure all the bugs are eliminated from your home and garden.

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