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Facebook Mobile Icon in Chat. Time stamp disappears.?

I have a theory. Any input is appreciated. I understand the facebook chat mobile icon has to do with the last time a person has logged into facebook from their mobile phone. It does not time stamp any activity from a desktop. 23m means they logged out 23 minutes ago. 3h means 3 hours. 1d means 1 day ago. Then sometimes there is just a mobile icon. I think that it means they logged in from a regular computer and not the app so it shows they have it installed on their phone but were last active on a computer. Or they turned their phone off. One of the two. I am leaning towards logging on from a computer which resets the time stamp.

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I don't think this theory is correct. A friend of mine was last active 6 hours ago but less than 1 hour later the time stamp had disappeared. It is was very early in the morning when I noticed this and I know he would be asleep at that time so it is highly unlikey he has logged on from a computer and there would be no reason we would have woken up and switched off his phone. Unless his phone battery died while he was asleep.

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