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Does the NFL have a minimum age requirement?

Is there a minimum age for players entering the NFL?

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Technically the NFL does not have a minimum age requirement, however they do have an Eligibility Requirement that requires a player to have either finished three college football seasons or be out of high school for three years before joining the league. See the NFL eligibility requirements below:

The NFL Eligibility Requirements

NFL rule requires a player to either be out of high school for three
years or have finished three college football seasons before joining the
league. (Lupica, M. 2004) The NFL is the only major professional sport
that prohibits the drafting of players who have not completed three college
seasons or who are not three years removed from high school graduation
(Gehring, 2004; Nieporent 2004). The NFL claims that this rule is in the
athlete's best interest. The NFL argues that this rule protects player’s
physical safety. However, the NFL and the NCAA benefit by capitalizing
on amateur athletes

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