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When does the Major League Baseball season start in 2011?

When does the 2011 Major League Baseball regular season start this year? What's the date of opening day?

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The 2011 Major Legue Baseball season will have opening day this year on Thursday, March 31st. It will be baseball's 110th common season in Major League Baseball involving both the American and National Leagues. The regular season will run through Wednesday, September 28th.

There will be six games scheduled for the first day of the regular season. Here are the MLB games on March 31st:

Game #1 - Braves at Nationals @ 1:05pm

Game #2 - Tigers at Yankees @ 1:05pm

Game #3 - Brewers at Reds @ 2:10pm

Game #4 - Angels at Royals @ 4:10pm

Game #5 - Padres at Cardinals @ 4:15pm

Game #6 - Giants at Dodgers @ 8:00pm

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