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Can you trust "people who stalk you" on facebook?

Can you trust the people who are your facebook stalkers?

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Just because someone stalks you on Facebook, doesn't necessarily mean that they are not trustworthy. In many cases, it just means they are interested in you, or are just curious to see what you're up to. The majority of "Facebook" stalkers are going to be those who have crushes on you, or your parents. The next so-called stalkers would be nosey people who like to keep tabs on everyone. And then it's just people who will occasionally check out your profile to see what you're up to, or look at your pics, but I wouldn't exactly consider this group of friends "stalkers".

However, there certainly are cases that people will stalk facebook accounts to find out when people are away from home, so they can rob a persons house or apartment. So ultimately, you do need to be careful who you're adding as a friend, and how much information you are giving away on Facebook.

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