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Can I take the keys off my logitech wave to clean?

I need to clean the keys and under the keys of my keyboard. I have a Logitech wave wireless. Can I take the keys off without hurting them or the rest of the keyboard?

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According to the Support Specialist at Logitech:

"We do not recommend removing keys from any of our keyboards for cleaning purposes. Any damage caused when doing this will not be covered under warranty."

Some of Logitech keyboards are not made to have the keys removed like there K750 keyboard. Logitech said this about the K750 keys:

"These keys are not made to do this. You can try it at your own risk, but I wouldn't recommend it."

If you try to remove the keys on your Logitech Wave Keyboard, I might start with a key that doesn't get used often, in case something goes wrong. Possibly start with the "~" key in the upper left corner, and see how easily it is to remove, before attempting to remove other keys.

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