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Can I scan to PC on EPSON WorkForce 545 printer over WiFi?

I'm trying to scan to PC (pdf) on my EPSON WorkForce 545 printer using my WiFi connection, however it does not list an option for wifi, just USB Connection. How do I scan to PC over Wifi with my epson printer?

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Yes, you can scan documents via WiFi with your EPSON WorkForce printer. To do this, you'll want to use the EPSON Scan utility that should have been installed with your EPSON printer. To get to the Scan utility do the following on a Windows computer:

1) Click the Start button (in Windows 7)
2) Click "All Programs"
3) Click on the "EPSON" folder -> click on "EPSON Scan folder" -> then "EPSON Scan"
4) The EPSON Scan program will pop-up.
5) Hit the Scan button to make scans.

NOTE: You can change the format of your scan from "jpeg" to "pdf" by clicking on the folder button to the right of the Scan button. It will bring up the File Save Settings box, that lets you change how your scan gets saved.

But how to scan from printer directly. It is only showing USB Connection?

Restart your computer and it will show up as an option.


in the same folder as EPSON Scan there is a program "Epson Scan Settings" that you need to open and set up through that to scan to computer. I had to use our network setting with the network address.

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