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Can I listen to Boston Bruins hockey radio on my iPhone?

What iPhone app or iPad app can I listen to Boston Bruins hockey radio broadcasts?

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To listen to the Boston Bruins on your iPhone there is an NHL GameCenter iPhone app, that streams live radio.  If you have an iPad you can download the NHL GameCenter Premium iPad app.

NHL GameCenter Premium for the iPad gives you access to In-game video highlights, live game radio, condensed game videos, multitasking, scores, stats, ice tracker and more.


•In Game Video Highlights
•Live Game Radio
•Condensed Game Videos
•MULTITASKING-- listen to live game radio on NHL GameCenter™ while browsing the web or interacting with other applications
•Ice Tracker™ and Play-by-Play
• Scores
•Game Photos
• Schedule
•Player Profiles

Upgrade to the LIVE version and you will also get:

•Live game Video

Get the tunein radio app, you can then choose: Sports, NHL, and then pick the feed you want.

I recommend an app called "Hockey Radio" that lets you listen to the Bruins (and all other teams for that matter).

I was looking for ways to listen to games on my phone without breaking the bank. I stumbled on an app called "Hockey Radio" that lets you listen to all teams. I listened to a few games and was blown away with how well this worked for 99 cents. I figured I would share this with my fellow hockey fans. I have the Android one but noticed there is also an iPhone version.

iPhone link:

Android link:

I bought this app called Hockey Radio and Video last year and it was awesome! This one has live scores of the games and videos of the teams too. I like this one better than Hockey Radio. What makes live scores page cool is you are just tap on any of the games and it will start to playing the audio. Go with this one. Just my opinion. It is also a buck.

Go Sharks!!!

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