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Can i get someone to stop showing up on my friends sidebar on facebook?

Is it possible to block or stop someone from showing up on my facebook friends sidebar on my profile page?

1 Answer

I believe it might now be possible to get someone from showing up in your facebook sidebar. It involves hiding all posts by the person in your News Feed. Once the friend is set to "Hide all by YourFriendName", they should stop showing up on your facebook profile sidebar.

To "Hide all by ...." go to your News Feed, find a post by the friend you want to stop from showing up in your sidebar. Hover over the post, and click on the "X", in the pop-up menu, select "Hide all by ....". Now your friend should stop showing up.

I think this works, at least one person I have hidden, no longer shows up in my sidebar...Although, it could just be a concidence, but I think Facebook may have implemented this change recently.

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