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How long does a credit card refund take to process?

How long does it typically take for a credit card refund to go through and appear on your credit card statement. I returned something at Home Depot the other day for a refund, and I still have not seen it credited to my Bank of America credit card? How long does it take to get a refund?
May 16, 2012

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It took 3 days for the credit to show up in my credit card statement. From what I've read elsewhere it seems like the average is about 3 days for money to be refunded and recorded in your credit card statement.

In general, it may take up to 5 to 7 business days for a credit to show up on your credit/debit/bank card statement.

It is normally between 3-7 days depending on where you live and what bank it is obviously these factors do come into it but it should be 3-7 days. Check with your local bank or shop just in case.

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