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Can I recover deleted Facebook messages?

Can I retrieve deleted Facebook messages?
March 29, 2011

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No. Unfortunately, you are not able to retrieve deleted messages from your Facebook account. 

However, immediately after you delete a message in your Messages Inbox, you are given the option to "Undo" the deletion, but that is the only time you will be able to recover the message. Once a message is deleted, it's gone and there is no way to retrieve it later (apart from a court order).

Keep in mind, that the deleted messages will still be visiable in your friends Messages Inbox when you delete a message from your account (unless they also deleted the messages).  So one of your best chances at recovering the messages is to contact the recipient (or sender) of the messages and ask them to send you a copy of the Facebook messages.

Another option... If you get an email when someone sends you a Facebook message, you could also check your email, as that will have a copy of the message that was sent. 

You may want to try doing a Message search to recover deleted messages. I've had messages that seem to have been deleted automatically by facebook (I know I didn't delete them, and they weren't archived). However, I did a message search and searched on the friends name (use Full Name) who I thought the messages were deleted and I saw a list of all the messages that had been sent to and from. So that's another option to try.
personal experience

Yes, look in your archived at the bottom. All your deleted messages will be In there.

Hi, what about if i have an Ipad? how do i see my archived messages from that?

if you delete your messages it will automatically goes to archives ... you can retrieved it ... open the archives... then click the messagges....... theres button options click actions..... then click unarchive to restore the messages or delete... if you want to hide it forever .... gud luck...

they only archive if you push the x but if you actually delete them the messages wont be in the archived

O.M.G I've just deleted important massage ..Any help !! :(

Yay! I just figured it out!!
Go to your mailbox page
Click on the search for icon
click archived messages
type the person's name of the mail you're trying to find
press enter
All messages containing the name you searched will pop up

So i sent someone a message tonight realized what i had wrote after sending it 8 mins later then deleted it.. read that the other person can still read it is this true?? if it is im in deep poop

its also not there in archive messages. but i want those all messages back. please help me.

no u cant get back your msg

perhaps there must be a way. i recommend you to ask the person you already had the conversation with him or her and ask for the chat history link. it might work.

This is not a text I worked on facebook tonight and just deleted a What's on your mind mgs. and I just wanted to know if they coud be recovered.

u actually can't

I was also facing similar kind of issue where I was not able to recovery my facebook account then I told one of my friend about it then he told me to and I got a very good solution and my problem got solved. Hope it worked for you too.

how can i retrieve my deleted messages from my facebook page

Can I get to my deleted Facebook messages?

And what if i had deleted messages from archived folder??

I am trying to figure this out too!!:)

i want to know what if i had deleted messages from archived folder??

How can you find old deleted messages from Facebook?

i was deleted some msg from my facebook , can i get back this all , if yes then how..?

I've just deleted important massage ..Any help !! :(

I just an accidantly deleted my facebook important masseges so,is there any provision for gettin it all back.
plz help

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