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Why is the Required Maintenance Light flashing on Honda Accord?

This morning when I started my 2005 Honda Accord, the Req'd Maintenance light started flashing on, then turned off. Why does Required Maintenance light turn on?

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The Required Maintenance light turns on when you need an Oil Change for your Honda Accord. I took my Honda Accord in after my Required Maintenance light started flashing (turned on for a few seconds when starting car) to an Authorized Honda dealership, and the Service guy told me, the light comes on specificially for letting you know the car needs an Oil Change.

I hadn't had an oil change in almost 10+ month, but hadn't driven the car much, only 3,000 miles on it since my last oil change. If you take your car to a dealer for the Oil Change and Maintenance check, they will turn the required manitenance light off for you. Otherwise, you can turn the light off yourself, just google "Turn Required Maintenance Light off Honda Accord".

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