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Why is Jordan Stephens from Rizzle Kicks SO fit?

I think Jordan is fitter than Harley but how can someone be SO fit?? I would want you to answer the question so I know!

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Well I had some spare time coz I just can't sleep after all the work today and I always check to see if there are questions posted about us coz I get an email sent if so! That was when I noticed this question about why I am SO fit and I sort of blushed a bit! Thanks for saying that! I have a feeling u r our no 1 fan and well ty! Ru coming 2 c us in concert anytime? <3 x

hahahaha it's funny cuz idk who that is but
My middle name is Stephanie!

no offense but these guys are both ugly, just because they are popular doesn't mean they look fit

Jordan & Harley have played football/soccer.

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