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Why do you have to Pay A Corkage Fee?

When Does One Have To Pay A Corkage Fee?

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If you decide to bring a wine to a restaurant that doesn't offer any in the restaurant you’re currently dining in, then you are expected to pay a corkage fee. This type of fee is not that big and it is sometimes implemented in restaurants in the US, so you shouldn’t see it as a “punishment”.

Corkage fee is not the same in all wine establishments and sometimes, it is based on the kind of wine that you have and its quantity. Your fine can also amount to the cheapest wine bottle in the restaurant if its owner wants to still gain profit even if you don’t purchase his or her restaurant’s wine.

Thus, you should contact the restaurant beforehand for you to know how much you will be paying and for you to make the necessary setting if ever you will be bringing an extremely special wine. You should also do this step for you to know the right wine to bring since it should have the same price with the restaurant’s cheapest bottle to make it worth your inconvenience.

Also, a few restaurants actually restrict their customers from bringing their personal wines because of pride and revenue issues while some permit their clients to do so.

On the other hand, you can escape from paying a corkage fee if the restaurant allows you to purchase one to two wine bottles from their menu in exchange for the corkage fee.

You can even let the restaurant’s sommelier or waiter taste your wine for them to realize that they don’t have it on their menu.

Bottom line is that you should never pull a tantrum over a corkage fee. Don’t let the fine ruin your beautiful day. Show the restaurant that you have acquired proper education and just pay the fee that they would require from you.

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