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Who was the NFL player that ended Brett Favre's consecutive start streak?

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On December 5, 2010 against the Buffalo Bills, Favre was knocked out of the game on the first drive with a sprained SC joint injury to his right shoulder caused by a hit from linebacker Arthur Moats. After a snowstorm delayed the following Sunday's game against the New York Giants to Monday, December 13th, Favre was ruled inactive, ending his streak at a record 297 games.

In 2009, Favre surpassed Jim Marshall for starts at any position with his record-breaking 271st start as a quarterback as the Vikings played the Lions. His streak ended at 297, with the last start in the streak coming on December 5, 2010. Favre was unable to start the Vikings' December 13 game against the New York Giants due to a shoulder injury, despite the game being delayed for a day because of the collapse of the Metrodome roof.

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