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When does the 2013-14 College Football season start?

What is the opening day date of the first College Football games in 2013?

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For 2013, the College Football season kicks off on Thursday, August 29th 2013. Here are the game day match ups for the 29th:

Thursday, August 29
6:00 PM North Carolina at No. 6  South Carolina
6:00 PM Liberty at  Kent State
6:30 PM Presbyterian at  Wake Forest
7:00 PM Indiana State at  Indiana
7:00 PM UNLV at  Minnesota
7:00 PM Tulsa at  Bowling Green
7:00 PM Illinois State at  Ball State
7:00 PM Akron at  UCF
7:30 PM Southern Utah at  South Alabama
7:30 PM Towson at  Connecticut
7:30 PM Western Carolina at  Middle Tennessee
8:00 PM Utah State at  Utah
8:00 PM Jackson State at  Tulane
9:15 PM Ole Miss at  Vanderbilt
10:00 PM Sacramento State at  San Jose State
10:30 PM Rutgers at  Fresno State
11:00 PM No. 24  USC at  Hawaii

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