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When do new TV prices typically begin to drop in price?

When can you expect new TV's to fall in price after being on the market for a few months or more? I'm looking to buy a new tv soon, and I'm wondering if I should wait for prices to come down before purchasing a new OLED TV?

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For new TV's that launch right around the beginning of the year, you may be able to see the first reduction in price in the run up to the Super Bowl (first week of February). You'll typically find the best deals on TV's around the Super Bowl, as retailers discount TV's, especially older TVs.

In July for Amazon Prime Day, you may be able to find deep discounts on some TV (usually not the higher end models)

If the new TV you want doesn't go on sale during the Super Bowl, or during Amazon Prime Day, the next approximate time you can see a drop in prices is at the end of August and into Labor Day sales.  You might also see a drop in prices around Halloween.

You'll then see the next biggest drop in prices on new OLED TV's during the Holiday season, around Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 

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