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What's the slang meaning of Holly in texting?

What does the Holly mean text talk slang? In texting, what is the meaning of Holly?

4 Answers

A girl who talks loudly all the time. She has brown eyes and blonde hair. She's witty and pretty as well.


whats... " i wont go holly on you " when sent in a txt


When somebody says "she's holly", or "oh, you're holly", (at least in california) it means like You're fake or you're lying. Usually in a playful manner like "lmao you holly" . However it could be serious depending on the context.


if someone says “ your holly “ usually somebody would say this to you if you guys havent talked ina while. so say you haven’t talked to somebody in 2 months but then you text them and say “ hey “ they would say “ heyy you holly “ like where’ve you been.

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