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What's the difference between Facts and Opinions?

What Makes a Fact Different From an Opinion?

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What is Opinion?

• It is something that you believe in. Thus, you would believe to be true despite all the circumstances.
• It is your thoughts.
• It is a conception.
• It is a sentiment about something that caught your attention.
• It is a view of point. Thus, it can be biased which makes in unreliable.
• It may or may not influence others.
• It can be what you think of a particular event.
• It can be a speculation.
• It can simply be a person’s interpretation of a situation.
• It can be true or not. However, its credibility can never be proved.
• It’s a choice.
• It’s something that can be disregarded or advertised. However, it is not often promoted for it can cause great controversies.
• Moreover, it is not often written in history records.
• It can prevent you from knowing the truth. Thus, you have to be careful in dealing with the opinions given to you.
• It is a subjective statement.
• It can be based on someone’s emotions only.
• It is not based on any fact.
• It doesn’t have any evidence to prove its claim.

What is Fact?

• It is a statement that bears nothing but the truth. Thus, everyone relies and agrees on it.
• It is a strong statement which has the capacity to influence a lot of people.
• It is the world’s reality.
• It is anything that has already occurred or something that is already done.
• It explains the things that already exist.
• It is something that can be found in the pages of history.
• It can never be a mere perception.
• It is an objective statement.
• It has evidences to support its claim.

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