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What's the difference between Courage vs. Bravery?

What Makes Courage Different From Bravery?

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What is Courage?

• Courage is only a means. Its end is your driving force.
• It can be driven by passion, devotion, compassion, concern and even love for something or for someone.
• A courageous person keeps his or her driving force in mind and he or she is fully aware of the risk that is involved with what he or she is about to do.
• Someone who is courageous has fear in his or her heart but still manages to stay on top of the situation.
• Being courageous means choosing to face the obstacle even if you don’t have everything it takes to win at the end of the day.
• A courageous person can have his or her moment. He or she is free to feel inferior in the middle of all his or her problems and pain.
• Courage is all about one’s state of mind.

What is Bravery?

• It is the absence of fear.
• It doesn’t require a person to think critically.
• It drives the person to forget all about the consequences of his or her actions.
• A person who is truly brave acts like a robot who simply does what is needed to be done in certain situation.
• Bravery is a mean and an end at the same time.
• You don’t need a driving force in order for you to be brave.
• It is being emotionally strong to overcome any kind of obstacle.
• It is the capacity of an individual to fiercely face intimidation, danger and even pain without showing any sign of fear.
• It is about being confident even if it seems that all odds are against you.
• David who fought against a Giant in the Bible is the perfect example of a brave person.

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