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What's the Difference between an Inquiry vs. an Enquiry?

What Makes an Inquiry Different From Enquiry?

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Have you ever wondered what the difference between inquiry and enquiry is? Well, if you want to know what makes these terms distinct from each other, then further read this short article. We would make you realize that enquiry is certainly not a spelling alternative of inquiry.

All about Inquiry

• The “in” in inquiry has a Latin origin.
• Formal investigation is being asked in an inquiry giving the word an official sound into it.
• Inquiries are being applied in legal transactions. Thus, they are often accompanied by documents which are required to be signed by the person who are imposing them.
• If your previous boss still owes you your last salary, then you can send him or her an inquiry letter with the help of your legal counsel.
• Americans and Australians use this word often. Moreover, these people are not aware of the difference between inquiry and enquiry.
• Actually, an Inquiry Based System of Education exists. In this program, additional knowledge is not given of much importance for its focuses on the syllabus and students should only ask questions based on the material.

All about Enquiry

• The “en” in enquiry has a French origin.
• When you are enquiring, you are simply asking a question. Thus, enquiry is an informal term.
• Enquiries are what you apply with your colleagues and friends.
• This word is preferred by someone who speaks British English.
• In Enquiry Based System of Education, students are allowed to be curious and to ask as many questions as they like for their queries show their great desire to acquire greater knowledge.

Only people who are aware of the difference between these two words use them the right way. That’s the reason why you don’t always hear someone using the word enquiry.

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