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What songs are on the License to Thrill soundtrack?

What music is on the soundtrack for the ski film License to Thrill (by Greg Stump) featuring world renowned skiers Glen Plake, Scot Schmidt?

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Below are the songs that are listed at the end of the License to Thrill movie (in order of occurrence).

License to Thrill Soundtrack - The (House) Music - ZTT/Zang

Order of Occurrence
1) Spectrum Is Green – Nasty Rox, Inc. (Mix by CJ Mackintosh & Robin Hancock)
2) Wooba I – Nasty Rox, Inc. (Bin Mix)
3) Escape From New York – Nasty Rox, Inc. (Bin Mix)
4) 9th Wonder – Nasty Rox, Inc. (Bin Mix)
5) 10th Wonder – Nasty Rox, Inc. (Trevor Mix)
6) Wooba I (Hit the Tree Reprise) – Nasty Rox, Inc. (Bin Mix)
7) State of Love – Kissing the Pink (Nick & Jon Demo Mix)
8) Crime, Inc. – Hoodlum Priest (Demo Mix)
9) Dance Yourself to Death – 808 State (Bin, Martin, Graham Mix)
10) Wooba II-The Plake Song – Nasty Rox, Inc. Vocals: Caroline, Robin, Moose, Greg, & Ace (Bin Mix)
11) Nobby’s One – Nasty Rox, Inc. (Bin Mix)
12) Specific/Pacific State – 808 State (Graham & Martin Mix)

Keep in mind, that there was a License to Thrill soundtrack that was released on cassette tape, which may feature a few different songs.
Track listing above is directly from the License to Thrill movie credits.

License to Thrill (Cassette soundtrack):

The Nasty Rox album "Cash", from which many of these songs are taken, is now available on iTunes! Downloading as we speak.

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