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What Makes a Subjective Statement Different From an Objective One?

What's the difference between a Subjective Statement vs an Objective Statement?

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If you’re having difficulty in determining whether a statement is subjective or objective, then take a look at their characteristics below. Know the difference between these two types of statements.

The Similarity between Subjective and Objective Statements

• They both allow someone to communicate one’s message.

The Things Which Make Subjective Different

• A statement which is subjective is based on someone’s personality and beliefs.
• It can be reality based but still goes back to what the person thinks of the situation.
• It can be based on someone’s feelings.
• It can be imaginary.
• Examples: marketing presentation, interpretations and opinions
• Statistics and facts cannot verify a subjective statement.
• You can be subjective when you have nothing to lose.
• You have the freedom to be subjective when you are doing things which you truly enjoy.
• If you are in an art gallery, then being subjective is what you need for you to further understand the story behind each creative piece.

The Things Which Make Objective Different

• A statement which is objective is not affected by anyone’s opinion.
• It is a statement which is used to describe tangible subjects.
• It is a perspective which can be found in mathematical proofs and scientific facts.
• A person’s views and experiences are being disregarded in this statement.
• Calculations and solid facts can verify if an objective statement is true or not.
• You need to be objective when you are deciding on important matters such as your future career or how you can stay on your monthly budget.
• You are required to be objective in mingling with new acquaintances for you to avoid judging them right away.
• When you are reading factual sources of information, you need to be objective as well.

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