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What Makes a Comic Book Different From a Novel?

What are the differences between a Comic Book vs. a Novel?

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All about Graphic Novels

• They tell a single story from beginning to end leading you to buy one novel alone
• They can be the summarized version of all the comic books that you have bought
• They are said to be “clearer” than comic books
• They usually cover a lengthy plot. Thus, you would rarely find a brief novel. It wouldn’t be called a novel if that’s the case.
• They can be six times longer than a comic book. They can contain a maximum of 120 pages depending on the author’s imagination. Thus, they are only recommended for people who are truly passionate when it comes to reading a novel all the way through. These people can finish a novel in one day simply because they enjoy what they are doing
• Novels flow naturally. That’s the reason why a lot of people are into them.
• They won’t leave you hanging since they are meant to tell you the end of the story one way or another
• They are mostly original and creative creations of excellent authors
• They are materials that are intended for adults
• They are readily available in libraries and bookstores

All about Comic Books

• A standard comic book has a maximum of 24 pages. It would only take you half an hour to finish reading it which makes it the perfect thing to read when you are in a short break at work or in school
• You would need to buy a lot of comic books for you to know everything about the characters and the story involved
• Comic books are often used by artists and writers to portray a sequel
• They contain less art and they are not that extraordinary for some people. However, collectors are willing to spend all the money they have for them to get all existing comic books

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