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What is the USPS 2017 price increase?

Are the postage rates in 2017 going up?

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Starting on January 22, 2017, the price you will pay for US postage stamp at the post office will be $0.49

That is a price increase of $0.02 from the previous 2016 Postage Rate of $0.47. For those printing postage online, the price will decrease in 2017 to $0.46 per stamp, from the previous 2016 price of $0.465.

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First-Class Mail Letter 2017 Postage Rates 2016  Postage Rates Increase
First-Class Mail Letter (1 oz.) $0.49 $0.47 $0.02
Metered Mail (1 oz.) - Online Postage Providers and Postage Meters $0.46 $0.465 -$0.005
First-Class Mail Letter - each additional ounce $0.21 $0.21 NO CHANGE
First-Class Mail Flat/Large Envelope (1 oz.) $0.98 $0.94 $0.04
First-Class Mail Flat/Large Envelope - each additional ounce $0.21 $0.21 NO CHANGE
First-Class Mail Letter International (1 oz.) $1.15 $1.15 NO CHANGE
Postcard $0.34 $0.34 NO CHANGE


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