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Most touchdowns thrown in a NFL game by a quarterback?

What NFL QB has thrown the most touchdown passes in one game?

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Currently, seven NFL QBs hold the NFL record for the most TD passes in a game. Each of the following QB has thrown for a record 7 touchdown passes in a game:

1) Sid Luckman, Chi. Bears vs. N.Y. Giants, Nov. 14, 1943

2) Adrian Burk, Philadelphia vs. Washington, Oct. 17, 1954

3) George Blanda, Houston vs. N.Y. Titans, Nov. 19, 1961 

4) Y.A. Tittle, N.Y. Giants vs. Washington, Oct. 28, 1962

5) Joe Kapp, Minnesota vs. Baltimore, Sept. 28, 1969

6) Peyton Manning, Denver vs. Ravens , Sept. 5, 2013

7) Nick Foles, Philadelphia vs. Oakland, Nov. 3, 2013


NOTE: Green Bay's Aaron Rodgers threw 6 touchdown passes in the first half of a Sunday night game, Chicago Bears vs. Green Bay Packers, Nov. 9. 2014.  He was the second QB to throw 6 TDs in the first half of an NFL game.

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