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What is the Most Popular Letter in the English Language?

Most Popular Letter in the English Language is what letter?

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The letter “E” is the most popular and often used letter in the English language. The study was observed from nonfiction to fiction books, speeches, bibles, magazines, and even in the Morse code. The letter “E” is often found in many words that people often use. Even the two-letter word often contains letter “E,” such as “me,” be,” and “we.”

Aside from letter “E,” the letter “T,” “O,” and “A” are also among the most commonly used in the English language. Oftentimes, the letter “E” is found at the 3rd letter of the word and almost 50% of the English words end in letter “E” which is often followed by or after the letters “s,” “d,” “n,” and “r.”

The most common words that are first learned by children ironically contain fewer letters “E,’ same as with the 3-letter words, only a few of them has letter “E,” but this letter is commonly used compared to the other vowels. In the survey conducted, the letter “E” is often used in diphthongs and phonetics. “E” is often mixed up with other vowels and consonants to form another sound. Examples are “read,” “bake,” “create,” and “dream.” Notice how these four different words are mixed together with other consonants and vowels, they create different sounds which sometimes confuse readers who are not native English speakers.

Aside from the letter “E,” the letters “S,” and “T” are among the most commonly used letter in the English language. Oftentimes, these letters also are preceded by the letter “E.” A large portion of the English words are often a mix-up of these common letters. Other popular vowels are “A,” and “O.” Nevertheless, the letter “E,” still dominates the words and language. Even in the Morse code, still the same letter is the most popular. Rarely can you create a sentence without the use of the letter “E.”

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