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What is the meaning of Paying It Forward?

Meaning of the saying "Paying It Forward"?

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Paying it forward simply means that you do a good deed for someone in exchange of the good gesture that has been done to you. For instance, if you have unexpectedly received a gift from your parents, then you may consider doing some charity work or work around the house over the weekend for you to pay it forward.

The great practice of paying it forward started from the letter that Benjamin Webb has received from Ben Franklin in 1784. At that time, Mr. Franklin wished to let Mr. Webb borrow some cash and he wants Mr. Webb to pay him back by letting another person get the money that Mr. Webb owes him.

Actually, this concept only became well known to the public due to Robert A. Heinlein’s book which is entitled "Between Planets". A movie that was released in 2000 called “Pay It Forward” also portrayed the concept. The film’s plot revolved around a boy’s assignment at school which instructed him to slowly make a better world. He did this task with the use of the pay it forward principle which led the people around him to do good things to other people around them.

For you to become a pay it forward advocate, you need to give your services for free at all times. You should not ask for anything in return and it would even be better if you don’t get recognized for your good acts. If the recipient of your deed really wants to pay you back, then instruct that person to pay it forward instead

The concept of paying it forward can range from simple to grand acts of kindness. Plus, it doesn’t necessarily have to involve the use of money. If everyone in this planet would take the initiative to follow this principle, then we would surely have a better world to live in.

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