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What is the Meaning of P.S. in a Letter?

Meaning of "P.S." or "PS" in a Letter?

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Writing a letter is a form of communication that has been used already for centuries. When people write a letter, they follow certain standards and formats to make the letter understandable and make communication easier. P.S. in a letter stands for the Latin term, “post scriptum” which means post script in English. P.S. is often found at the end of the letter just below the signature of the sender. If a post script is written in the letter, it is means that the information written in the post script is very important or meaningful.

People use post script to write important thoughts just after they have written the complete letter. This usually happens when the important thought came into mind when the writer has finished making the letter. Rather than creating a new and long letter, post script is being used as an afterthought which alerts the reader that something came into mind after the sender has finished writing. It could be something that the sender has forgotten to include or some changes in the information written on the letter.

P.S. is not found in business letters. This is because business letters have formal tone and straight to the point information. Having a post script written n a formal letter may look out of place. Usually, love letters and informal letters are using post scripts when they need too. The tone is often casual and not too formal. This will make post scripts perfect in such types of letters. Sometimes, P.S. is used by other writers as a form of acknowledgment or simply a personal touch f the letter. Some people use P.S. almost everytime they write letters not because they forgot to include some information in the letter, but they wanted to create a unique signature or note that they can call their own.

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