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What is the meaning of Magna Cum Laude?

What does Magna Cum Laude mean?

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Magna cum laude actually means “with great honor” in Latin. It’s a title given to a college undergraduate who have acquired exceptional grades during the entire curriculum. Honors in the Latin language can have a different meaning and it would be the college’s prerogative to define those awards.

Latin honors actually have 3 distinct levels: cum laude, magna cum laude and summa cum laude. These levels are arranged from the lowest to the highest recognition which implies that the phrase “with highest honors” is the definition of summa cum laude in the Latin language.

A magna cum laude recipient usually gets recognized in the actual graduation ceremony. The same goes for the other Latin honors mentioned above and even for the additional awards that the institution is willing provide to their students.

Being a magna cum laude will not only send compliments along your way, it can also offer you to greatest career opportunities and it can even get you to your desired graduate school if you decide to further enrich your knowledge.

Aside from the three famous Latin awards, academic honors are now being offered by most institutions to show to their students that they are not only looking into an individual’s GPA. They are willing to recognize a student’s effort as long as he or she is worth it.

A student’s participation in extracurricular activities or his or her theses are factors that can help one achieve that precious academic honor. However, some institutions require other students and the nominee’s teachers to determine whether the candidate truly deserves the award or not.

Thus, it would all be up to your college to determine its requirements for you to be given an academic award so, make sure that get to know the specifications that they need before you apply to study in that particular institution.

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