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What is the meaning of Lp in text?

When Lp is used at the end of a text???

1 Answer

LP might stand for the following in text:

Long Playing (record)
Limited Partnership (legal business entity)
Linear Programming
Limited Partner (IRB)
Latin Percussion (maker of various percussion instruments)
Linear Program
Les Paul (type of guitar)
Long Play(ing)
Liquid Propane
Line Printer
Linkin Park (band)
Low Power
Low Profile
License Plate
Low Pressure
Low-Pass (filter, amplifier)
Lesson Plan
List Price
Liberal Party
Lonely Planet (travel guides)
Low Pass (Filter)
Linear Prediction
Loss Prevention
Libertarian Party
Laser Printer
Logic Programming (computing)
Long Period
Laughing Place (Disney)
Licensed Practical (nurse; US HRSA)
Listening Post
Lumbar Puncture
Liquefied Petroleum
Labour Party
Legal Problems
Legislative Process
Life Points (Yu-Gi-Oh! game)
Light Peak
Lightning Protection
Low Point
Low Priority
Limited Production
La Pampa (Argentina province, airline code)
Licensed Psychologist
Lamp Post
Local Park
Light Pole
Life Partner
Lichen Planus (skin disease)
Loan Prospector
Lost Prophets (band)
Low Paying

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