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What is the Meaning of "Extending an Olive Branch"?

Meaning of “Extending an Olive Branch”

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The Meaning of “Extending an Olive Branch”
• It means to reconcile or make peace with someone whom you have ill feelings with. This can be your best friend or one of your family members
• It means that you are sick of having a war or disagreement with someone.
• Just like an olive tree, peace is something that you can’t easily grow within yourself. It’s something that grows in time and you would be able to feel its presence once you have already forgiven yourself and the person who have caused you pain.
• In Rome and Ancient Greece, an olive branch signifies peace. Up to this date, some patches and murals are made with olive branches to promote peace.
• Weddings and other significant gatherings used to be filled with olive branches in Ancient Greece
• Traditional Roman armies bring olive branches with them once their leader decide to surrender to the enemy. These branches are equivalent to the white flags that are being used nowadays.
• In the Old Testament of the Christian Bible, a dove brought an olive branch to Noah’s ark to signify that the storm has passed, the great flood is over and peace is restored to Earth once again.
• Olive trees can’t be found anywhere. That’s the main reason why we only use them in metaphors nowadays.
• Overall, an olive branch is simply the best representation of peace in this world.

The Essence of an Olive Branch in the Modern World

• No man is an island. We all need each other in order for us to survive. Thus, it’s best for us to have more friends than enemies. This would bring more happiness and contentment in our lives.
• Disagreement in a certain government is not healthy. How can leaders bring their people together when their own system is falling apart? Therefore, all leaders must learn to extend an olive branch for the betterment of their country.

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