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What is the meaning of Dry Humor?

What is the Difference between Dry Humor versus Standard Comedy?

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Dry humor is usually associated with highbrow or deadpan humor. Jokes in this category are being stated by the comedian in a no frills and calm manner. It may different from the standard type of humor in which jokes need to be said in a certain intonation for people to laugh at the remark but that’s just the way this kind of humor is. It’s restrained but it’s something that the average person can easily understand.

This type of comedy uses words to make people burst out in laughter and not the comedian’s facial expression. It can contain sarcasm at times and mock the audience but it remains enjoyable for most people. Hearing a comedian deliver a joke in deadpan voice and even with an almost expressionless face may be something new for individuals but then this kind of comedy act is definitely worth watching.

Dry humor is mostly characterized by words that we use on a regular basis and which contain double definitions. British comedians are so good in using these phrases given the fact that are viewed as the original deliverers of this kind of comedy. They simply say their pieces in a neutral voice with fewer gestures and those things are enough to maintain the joke’s “charm” among people for a very long time.

Dry humor has definitely provided countless number of career opportunities in the United States and Great Britain. If you would pay more attention to the magazines and books that you read everyday, to your favorite movies and TV series and even to those plays that you get to watch once in while, you would certainly find dry humor in those forms of media. It’s basically everywhere but you would only be able to appreciate this kind of comedy if you keep your eyes and ears open.

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