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What is the longest golf drive ever recorded?

Who holds the record for the longest golf drive and how long was the drive?

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The record for the longest golf drive has stood unbeaten for 35 years and was achieved with a wooden club, so have three decades of improving golfing technology failed to make an impression?

On 25 September 1974, a 64-year-old man called Mike Austin is recorded to have driven a golf ball 515 yards from the tee on a Las Vegas golf course.

It was a 450 yard par 4 so he will have ended up more than 50 yards past the green. No-one on record has hit a ball further in a tournament.

Incredibly this man - alleged to have hit a ball over 200 yards with a can of cola strapped to a club face and who never won a professional title - still holds the claim for the longest drive.

It stands somewhere between folklore and reality. The Guinness Book of World Records does not recognise a figure for overall drive, quoting instead distance travelled by the ball in the air.

That record stands at 408 yards (373m) by Karl Woodward in 1999.

Austin's feat was witnessed by former PGA champion Chandler Harper, course officials and the rest of his four-ball grouping. But how has it not been surpassed?

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