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What is the differences between LP vs. EP?

What Makes LP Different From EP?

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What is LP?

• It is an abbreviation that means Long Playing record.
• It is considered as a full album.
• It can contain more songs than an EP.
• LPs became popular from 1948 to the later years of 1980’s. Unfortunately, it’s already rare to find an LP nowadays
• They are 33 rpm and their diameter measures 1 ft. You can visit antique shops if you want to see a real LP.
• They are vinyl records with 2 sides. The songs contained in one vinyl record are equally divided into the said parts. If you would look like at them, they act the same way as tapes which also have two sides.
• LP is actually is an old term because people call music disks (one sided) as albums now. Someone who is born to the modern century won’t even recognize what an LP is.

What is EP?

• It is an abbreviation that stands for Extended Play.
• This term came from the word extended.
• An EP has a limited number for its music tracks. Thus, it can’t be considered as a full album.
• It can only have a maximum of 5 tracks.
• It is actually considered as a small album.
• However, it can contain additional remix, demos and extras as long as its storage space is also increased.
• EPs that are completely recorded were used to give people an idea of what can be found in a new album.
• It served as the ‘teaser’ of most albums in the past.
• It acted as their ‘samples’ to encourage people to listen to their music.
• It was also one way of successfully advertising a certain artist.
• It led to the production of several vinyl records which were bought and used by several people.

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