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What is the Difference Between Hope and Faith?

Difference Between Hope and Faith?

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What Makes Faith Different From Hope?

What is Faith?

• A person who has deep faith believes that no matter what the outcome would be, it is for his or her own good.
• This person believes that everything is meant to happen.
• Faith is a more spiritual concept than hope.
• It is related to the person’s religious beliefs.
• A person who has faith doesn’t focus on the outcome that he or she wants. If things don’t go his or her way, then he or she holds on to one’s belief that everything happens for a reason.
• Actually, faith is considered as a psychosis. Once you acquire it, you would be able to find the good in the bad and be more optimistic in life.
• If your religion is based on the belief that a Supreme Being exists, then you are required to let your Supreme Being take the wheel of your life and take you where you are ought to be.

What is Hope?

• This emotion actually came from the concept of faith.
• However, a person hopes because he or she has no idea of what’s going to happen next and the future just scares him or her.
• Hope is not an actuality. It is a destination.
• It is a more factual concept compared to faith.
• When you hope for something to happen, you are certainly not sure of what the future would bring.
• Plus, you hope that things would be in favor of you.
• The uncertainty of the person about the future is the main reason why he or she is hoping.
• A person who has no religion can still hope because human as we are, we can never be sure of the future.
• A person who hopes has a complete understanding of space and time.

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