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What is the difference between a Zucchini vs a Cucumber?

What Makes a Zucchini Different From a Cucumber?

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If you put a zucchini and a cucumber side by side, you would definitely have difficulty in distinguishing them from one another. Thus, further read this article for you to know whether you have bought a zucchini or a cucumber instead.

The Similarity between a Zucchini and a Cucumber

• With regards to the physical appearance of these 2 raw products, they both have a long cylindrical figure, seedy, pale, and dark green skin. This is the reason why you would easily mistaken one for the other.

What is a Zucchini?

• For the record, zucchini is considered as a vegetable and not a fruit.
• It has flowers which can be eaten and they are even treated as a delicacy by many people.
• If this plant’s flower is a female, then it is expected to have a blossom of the golden color at its end. On the other hand, a male flower of this plant is a bit little compared to its female counterpart and it grows on the plant’s stem.
• It belongs to the cucuribita family.
• It has a dry and rough skin.
• Raw zucchinis are both bitter and sweet. They are also heartier.
• Cooked zucchinis look brown and they completely taste sweet which is the reason why many people prefer to cook these vegetables.

What is a Cucumber?

• It is a fruit which has huge leaves.
• Its flowers are not allowed to be eaten by humans
• It is considered as a vine.
• It belongs to the gourd family.
• It has a bumpy, waxy and cold skin.
• Raw cucumbers taste crisp, cool and they contain a lot of juice which make them the preferred type of cucumbers.
• Cooked cucumbers taste crunchy even if they turn wilted.

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