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What is the Definition and Possible Origins of a Conniption Fit?

Where did the word "Conniption Fit" originate from? What does Conniption Fit mean?

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If you get to receive a shocking piece of information, then you are expected to react violently or be in a conniption fit.

Origin of the Condition

This American term is actually not a medical one and its origins are not even defined yet even though it is said to have came to life during 1830s.

Some experts are stating that "conniption" might just be a product of the irrational words being uttered by someone who is in a fit and that maybe the word came from the Latin language.

A few individuals are even suggesting that "conniption" should have been "corruption” which used to be associated with an individual who is sad and angry.

The condition can also have a Yiddish origin. That is because the language has phrases which should be uttered with the K" and "N" sounds in them and which is also the pattern being used for the term "conniption."

The 19th century’s slang expression canapsha that has a similar definition with "conniption" at that time can be the word’s origin as well.

Other Related Terms

It is closely associated with tantrums or hissy fits and if you would think about it the three conditions are all characterized by a sudden burst of emotions. However, they are really different from each other.

You can provoke someone to have tantrums but only unexpected events can cause somebody to be in a conniption fit. Moreover, children are the ones who often manifest tantrums because of their lack of maturity and not adults.

On the other hand, a person can be in a hissy fit if he or she is being denied of something or if an event disappointed the person in any way. The individual won’t be able to control one’s anger and his or her histrionic personality would only lead the person to get deeply involved in a hissy fit. The only similarity that this condition has with conniption fit is that they are both seen as immature responses even though an individual who is in a conniption fit has his or her full senses.

A person who has a conniption fit….

• stutters
• is sad
• angry
• frustrated
• curses unexpectedly

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