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What is the biggest Dog in the world?

What dog breed is considered to be the largest in the world? How much does the dog weigh and how tall is the dog?

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The world’s tallest breed of dog is considered to be The Irish Wolfhound. A male Irish Wolfhound dog averages around 32 to 34 inches tall, while a female is said to average at least 30 inches tall.

The Great Dane is also a very big dog. Its breed standard has male Great Danes at a height of at least 30 inches tall, but is prefered to be 32 inches or taller. Females should average at least 28 inches tall. according to the breed standard, but notes a preference for females of 30 inches or taller.

The current Guinness world record for world's tallest dog is is a Great Dane named Gibson with a height of 42.2 inches.

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