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What is AMC short for?

What is the meaning of AMC? What does the abbreviation AMC mean in a text message?

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AMC can mean the following:

American Movie Classics (cable channel)
Appalachian Mountain Club
American Motors Corportation
Air Mobility Command (USAF)
Army Materiel Command
Albany Medical College
Australian Maritime College
American Mathematics Competitions
American Multi-Cinema
Asset Management Company
ANA (All Nippon Airways) Mileage Club
Advanced Mezzanine Card
Academic Medical Center (University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
American Motors Corporation
Applied Mathematics and Computation
All My Children (USA TV soap opera)
Animal Medical Center
Annual Maintenance Contract
Association Management Company
After Market Close
Advance Market Commitment
Annual Management Charge (fund management)
American Music Conference
Adaptive Modulation and Coding
Army Medical Center (US Army)
Air Malta (ICAO code)
Acceptable Means of Compliance (Joint Aviation Requirements)
Association of Minnesota Counties
American Music Club (band)
Academia Mexicana de Ciencias (Mexican Academy of Sciences)
Association Médicale Canadienne (Canadian Medical Association)
Account Management Center
Anna Maria College (Paxton, Massachusetts)
American Muslim Council
Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita
Advanced Motion Control
Access Management Console
Airborne Molecular Contamination
Advanced Metallization Conference
Army Medical Corps


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