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What happens on Alive Day?

What is Alive Day?

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All about an Alive Day

• It is the day that marks the anniversary of a near death experience.
• This tradition has started among military members even before the Vietnam War began. They truly value their lives for they most probably have more than one near death experience. This is the reason why they are so close to each other. They often spend their ideal time sharing how they have managed to escape death. This is also the reason why alive days are very important to them.
• Alive Day Memories (a documentary created in 2007) introduced the celebration of an alive day to the public. The documentary revolved around the stories of some Iraq War veterans who were fortunate enough to return back to their families. They shared the things which have happened to them during the war and the activities that they do during their alive days. They say that they have modern medicine to thank for their lives but they also believe that they had a bit of luck back their in the battlefield.
• All of these veterans had severe injuries during the war and the documentary allowed them to share the courageous ways on how they have managed to stay on top of the pain of their injuries. Some of them got their brains damaged while some have undergone amputations. Their alive days remind them how great it is to be alive and that they still have a lot of things to thank for.
• After the Alive Day Memories was shown to the public, psychologists and other medical professionals encouraged more people to incorporate this tradition into their lives.
• The celebrant of an alive day can simply reflect on this day or he or she can throw off a huge party to celebrate the gift of life.
• The family and friends of the celebrant can give him or her gifts or cards that would make him or her appreciate this day more.

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