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What does "X X" mean at the end of every text message?

Why do people put "x x" at the end a text message? What does "x x" mean in text?

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In the UK, it's common courtesy to put "x x" meaning kisses after every message. Lot's of people do it, and even guys will text this to their other guy friends.

Note to guys everywhere... don't put "x x", "xoxo", "Xx", etc. at the end of your texts to girls or especially to other guys, unless you want to come off looking like a complete candy ass.

X at the end of a message stands for hugs or kisses

It means that they are Good friends , if a girl sends u that dont get the wrong indication and think that they like u because girl o=do it all the time, it mean "Kiss Kiss" but if a girl does it to a girl it just mean swere friends luv ya but if a guy does it to a guy it is creepy and wrong.

I got a text from my freinds sister saying hi xx but it dosent mean that she likes me

They are only putting xxx to be friendly it doesn't mean that much unless they put loads


It probly means a dead face or it means shuting eyes I guess.



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