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What does the word Matrix mean?

What does Matrix mean?

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Matrix definitions:

1. arrangement of connected things: an arrangement of parts that shows how they are interconnected
2. substance containing something: a substance in which something is embedded or enclosed
3. situation in which something develops: a situation or set of circumstances that allows or encourages the origin, development, or growth of something
"The matrix of video and computers is producing new forms of art."
4. tissue-forming substance: the substance that exists between cells and from which tissue such as cartilage and bone develops
5. soil or rock containing something: the soil or rock in which something such as a fossil, crystal, or mineral is embedded. See also gangue
6. main part of alloy: the main metal component in an alloy
7. arrangement of mathematical elements: a rectangular array of mathematical elements, e.g. the coefficients of linear equations, whose rows and columns can be combined with those of other arrays to solve problems
8. network of circuit parts: in computing, a network of circuit parts such as transistors and resistors
9. surrounding mass of material: a bed or surround of material that gives protection or absorbs a force

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