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What does the Witching Hour mean?

What is the definition of Witching Hour?

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Witches, vampires, ghosts and other supernatural creatures are said to come out when darkness fell. They are known to be most active when people are being idle and tired. This time of day is referred to as the witching hour, the time when clock strikes midnight as many people believed. Today, the phrases “the witching time of night” and “the dead of the night” are commonly used to refer to the witching hour.

Ghost stories have been told and retold since time immemorial which leaves goose bumps to everyone listening. Creatures from the supernatural world are said to be very strong at night and tends to attack humans. Adding to the frightening hour is the belief that ghosts sometimes take the form of animals like owls, bats and wolves. Since most of these animals are nocturnal, it gives a realistic touch to the stories.

Witchcraft, black magic and shamanism are often practiced at night. Neo-pagans also performed their rituals at night because of the belief that they are able to strongly connect to the supernatural world during the witching hour. People also experienced nightmares, astral travel and sleep paralysis in the dead of the night giving more horror and terror to this certain time of day.

Most of the urban legends and other mystical stories are debunked by many. When it comes to seeing supernatural beings, it is explained that people gets to hallucinate more when tired and gets to see ghostly images which didn’t really exist. Moreover, darkness and the silence it brings would still cause people to be terrified no matter how unreal ghost stories are.

In today’s modern world, when a lot of people are out and awake at night, the horror of the witching hour is most of the time no longer felt. Yet, there are still some people out there who fears the witching hour and some people who are into supernatural practices until now. Perhaps, one gets petrified about the darkness of night after watching a horror film, a realistic and convincing one which really scares somebody out of their wits.

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