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What does the saying "Action Speaks Louder Than Words" mean?

Does Action Really Speak Louder Than Words?

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The phrase “action speaks louder than words” has been used for a very long time with different cultures of different regions around the world. The concept of the phrase is that actions are stronger, more visible, and can contraindicate what you have spoken. It can be related to the phrase “practice what you preach.”

The phrase said to appear first on the book authored by Gersham Bulkeley. “Will and Doom” which says that actions are “more significant than words.” This phrase is not new to many and has been used to define character and behavior. Oftentimes, this phrase serves to educate people to be consistent with their actions as what they have said in words.

A parent who preaches to the child that hitting is bad but constantly hits and batters the child would send a negative feedback to the child. The child is not seeing what the parent is preaching and what he is witnessing is entirely the opposite. Similar scenario such as praying telling everyone to help the poor but then ignores upon seeing a beggar, is being not true to the spoken words.

When people tell about being good, righteous, and just but then shows quite a contradicting behavior, would never gain the trust of many. Such as a leader, who promises of good governance but then shows unjust and improper use of power, would often anger his substituent. Actions are visible and clearly seen and it reflects the true character of one person. Words on the other hand can be easily uttered and promised. Although, some cultures do not believe in the phrase because they think words are more powerful. Indeed, words can bind and bring people closer but action is equally powerful as well. Others explained that words can bind and create a big impact in the world, such as in teaching and in preaching, however, these words should be backed up by actions as well. You cannot teach a person to do one thing but then that person sees you doing otherwise.

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