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What does the acronym FTR mean?

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FTR could stand for a number of different things, but I would say typically if someone uses FTR in a sentence, text message, or tweet, they probably meant FTR to mean "For the Record". Here's a list of all sorts of other possible meanings for the acronym FTR:

FTR Fighter
FTR For The Record
FTR Federal Travel Regulation
FTR Full Text Retrieval
FTR Formal Technical Review
FTR Financial Transmission Right
FTR Free to Air
FTR Florida Trail Riders (motorcycling)
FTR Flop Turn River (poker website)
FTR Future Transport Rotorcraft
FTR First Time Resolution
FTR Full-Time Regular
FTR Failed to Report
FTR Failure to Rescue
FTR File Type Referenced (function point analysis)
FTR Flight Test Round
FTR Federal Telecommunications Recommendation
FTR Follow the Reaper
FTR Factory Thorough Repair (Axmann)
FTR Fixed Transmission Right
FTR Ford-Tickford Racing
FTR Fast Test Reactor
FTR First to Review (review websites)
FTR Fort Ross (California Volunteer Fire Department)
FTR Failure To Repair
FTR Field Technical Representative
FTR Finned Tube Radiation
FTR Fielding Training Review
FTR Feature Test Release
FTR Financial Transaction Register
FTR Flow Through Revetment
FTR Field Trouble Report
FTR Flight Transition Round
FTR Future Technology Requirements
FTR Functional Training Range (physical rehabilitation)

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