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What does the abbreviation P&C mean?

What is the meaning of P&C? What does the acronym P&C mean?

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The acronym P&C means "Point and Click".

P&C may also stand for the following:

P&C Property and Casualty (insurance)
P&C Personal and Commercial (banking)
P&C Policy & Claims (insurance)
P&C Principles and Criteria
P&C Parents & Citizens
P&C Protection & Control (power utility engineering)
P&C Producers & Consumers (grocery chain)
P&C Petroleum and Chemical
P&C Private & Confidential
P&C Policy and Communications
P&C Purchasing and Contracting
P&C Personal & Confidential
P&C Premier & Cabinet (Australia)
P&C Prevention and Compliance (US Coast Guard)
P&C Pistons and Cylinders (automotive)
P&C Peek and Cloppenburg (fashion retail; Europe)
P&C Publishing and Copyright (music)
P&C Points and Credits
P&C Phases and Cycles, Inc (Montreal, Quebec)
P&C Pubs and Clubs Regatta (Exton Excelsior Rowing Club; UK)
P&C Prestige and Collections

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