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What does TCP/IP stand for?

What is the meaning of TCP/IP? What does the abbreviation TCP/IP mean in a text message?

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TCP/IP in a text message means "Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol".

TCP Stands for Transmission Control Protocol. TCP is a set of rules used along with the Internet Protocol (IP) to send data in the form of message units between computers over the Internet. TCP is known as a connection-oriented protocol

IP stands for Internet protocol.
It's represented by numerical code, which is assigned to each device like computer, printer, phone.
IP's are two types. There are Internal IP, External IP
Internal IP means that your system ip address.
If you want to know your system ip address follow these steps:
Start--->run-->Type cmd
Then command prompt will display.
type ipconfig
then it will display your system ip address

External IP address means that your network IP address. If you want to know your Network IP address then visit here it display Internet service provider, IP address, location, Longitude, latitude and so on.
Finally, TCP/IP is the communication protocol for the Internet.

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