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What does S&M mean when texting?

What does S&M mean? What's the meaning of the acronym S&M on Facebook text or chat message?

1 Answer

S&M means "Sadism and Masochism".

Other meanings of S&M include:

S&M Sales & Marketing
S&M Small and Medium
S&M Sun & Moon
S&M Science & Math
S&M Smoke and Mirrors
S&M Serbia & Montenegro
S&M Sam & Max (comic characters)
S&M Sadism and Masochism
S&M Service/Maintenance
S&M Sex & Money
S&M Structures and Materials
S&M Support & Maintenance
S&M Sign and Magnitude
S&M Structures and Mechanisms
S&M Selling and Marketing
S&M Slave and Master
S&M Spaghetti and Meatballs
S&M Surveillance and Maintenance
S&M Stand and Model (fashion)
S&M Supply & Maintenance
S&M Symphony and Metallica
S&M Structures and Mechanical
S&M Simulations and Modeling
S&M Sex and Mockery
S&M Scheduling and Movement
S&M Scrubbing and Mopping
S&M San Francisco Symphony Orchestra and Metallica (Metallica CD)
S&M Steal and Modify
S&M Surfaced & Matched
S&M Subcontracts and Material
S&M Smith & Milton Limited (UK)

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